Myself, Hemant Bhagwan Bhoir, age 33 years, residing at Village- Veshvi , Uran getting many visions that I am meeting with many world scientists, world political leaders at the time of World war I and II in USA and Europe. These visions I was getting from last 2 months strongly in dreams as well as in day time for little time. I was confused about this because my present life is very simple as a private tution classes teacher. Hence I decided to check these events through PLR person. I checked on web site and visited to Mrs. KAVITA ISRANI at their Satvakirani Thane clinic. Mrs. Kavitaji is Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist from California Hypnosis Institute of India. I told all my visions and problems to her and request her to find out the root cause of these visions. Mrs. Kavitaji had taken 5-6 sessions of PLR. I came to know I was Mr. Albert Einstein in my past life and all these visions and impressions of Scientific studies are of that life. One biggest dream of Mr. Albert Einstein was Unified Field Theory of Physics, which he could not complete in that birth, I am doing research on that and feel that it will be completed in this birth! Whatever I saw in my past life matched with Albert Einstein’s life when googled about his life. In that sessions we found that, we reached to the childhood of Einstein when he had less learning power where their father was guiding them, also we got end of his life in 1955 when they were on the bed because of major sickness, In this my life I am also a teacher of Maths and Physics like Einstein, I have completed education in B.Com but I am deeply and strongly working in the field of all Scientific concept from energy to the whole universe. I most like to work on the Unified Field Theory and also I am getting clear knowledge about it which was the Einstein’s big dream to reveal the detail of Unified field. My Paper with my colleagues on Unified Field Theory is accepted in the Conference on Unified Field (ICUFM) London UK Dec. 2016. Hence I am doing that research. I am really thankful to Mrs. Kavitaji for her PLR therapy to find out the root cause and further guidance to me for Unified Field Theory of Physics in present life which will give success to me in present life.
Mr. Hemant Bhagwan Bhoir
Good morning Dear Madam n everyone. It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience with u'll today.

Last year one of my friend n myself had argument over certain issue n we had stopped talking to each other . During our forgiveness session I had asked for forgiveness to my dismay she called me yesterday said forget the past n she invited me for haldi kumkum at her place. Divine thanks to Madam n Merkaba.
Since many years m planning to go to Shirdi but some or other reason couldn't make it in fact just 3 days back I told my brother also I want to go to Shirdi for my dear Babas darshan to my surprise one of my college friend came to visit me she said m going to Shirdi chal chalti hai ? In fact I didn't even tell her that I want to go there she on her own accord said that's the time I told I desperately wanted to go. Best thing is They r going to pick up from house n leave me back right up till here. What more can I ask for.Thank you thank you thank you SAI, Madam n Merkaba thanks to my friend also.
M sure my experience will inspire n encourage all of us in the group. M only practising once once a day inspite of that m getting lovely experiences. M sure in future Divine Will give few more experiences. Though it is the beginning but it has well begun.
M sure by Divine's grace each n every one in the group will have something to share n we all will emerge stronger. All best.
Thanks a lot dear Madam once again. May u conduct more workshops n inspire every one thank you thank you thank you.
Tmrw M going to Shirdi do bless me Madam n need every one's wishes. Tnx in advance.
Kiran Naidu

Thank you Kavita ji for this wonderful workshop on MERKABA. This healing modality is so simple and awesome and the way you taught it was amazing. I loved your energy and simplicity of teaching the modality.

Today is the third day of practicing MERKABA Healing and I am feeling relaxed, I am in position to handle my thoughts in better way and I am feeling good about it.

All the credit goes to Kavita ji. The way she introduced herself and her journey with Merkaba is so inspiring that I felt deep connection with Merkaba.
Thanks a lot Kavita ji for being a wonderful teacher.

The merkaba workshop taken by Kavita Aunty on 29th Jan 2017 in held in Delhi was easy to understand, amazing, effective and so profound. Really loved and thoroughly enjoyed it. A must do workshop and you won't regret doing it. I am glad and happy that I could be a part of this workshop. Jaya from Delhi
Jaya Elisha

Kavita ji my journey into merkaba is amazing as I am feeling many changes in myself with in two days.I am getting a sound sleep and the meditation with merkaba is helping me remove my third eye blockages by emotional outpouring.I am really feeling positive n have started working towards my goal. Thanks n gratitude for giving me the merkaba knowledge Kavitaji.
Shweta Jain

Today we r just survived with small incidents/accidents after merkaba healing

Thanx to mam & merkaba

My wife was just got fire on her dress in kitchen.

I was narrow escaped from road accident during my travel to my office.

Now both r in safe hands
Naresh Puli

Yesterday did Merkhaba and today in its flow A friend was not talking for big 6 yrs

Suddenly knowing his mothers bad health

Went to see him and his mom

He not only confess his wrong but also said sorry to me

Again thank me to come to Jupiter Hospital despite he did so Wrong

So friends

Its only merkhaba and our great Kavita didi who helped to heal us and thought us this great art of forgiveness

Power of forgiveness Once again thanks to ganpati.. durga maii..shivbaba..and our great channel Kavita ji

I am Meetha B.Chitaliaa, I would like to share my experience on Merkaba workshop I attended merkaba workshop on23rdoct 2016 with Kavita mam From the time I have done Merkaba there have been lots of changes in my life. My relations have improved dramatically with my husband, my child with my students and all others My intuition has increased doublefold. Previously ,when I did Tarot readings or other readings I took help from crystals & other catalysts. Now through my intuition I do all readings so I finish the reading in one hour instead of two hours. My students have increased. I am getting new business everyday.My financial flow has increased My awareness in all small things is increased. My energy level has increased. My confident level has increased tremendously. My mind is cool, calm & balanced. Even people are accepting my old currency. I have felt the tremendous change in my self, like ignoring all trivial things. I have not used my merkaba for healing others & I have seen it getting brighter with rainbow colors & slowly slowly each tip of the merkaba is becoming bright & rainbow colored. Thank you Mam for this wonderful workshop & I feel blessed.

After I gave my daughter Merkaba healing her headache went. while we were sitting casually we both heard a lady's voice calling out her name in the room. As we both are intuitive and healers, we both asked ourselves who it was, since we were just the two of us in that room. We both got the same answer that it was one of her guardian angel. This is the 1st time we both heard in human voice form together. This is a proof that Merkaba would have facilitated this. By raising higher consciousness. I did my Merkaba course on 20 November . This happened within 2 to 3 days after the course.

Maine kal merkaba workshop attend kiya tha, aaj hi muje eska result mila me aapse share karna chahta hu, kal jaise me ghar par aaya to mere parents aur meri wife tension me the Maine uska reason pucha to sabne mere samne light bill aage kiya to bill dekhar mai hairan hua bill 10000 aaya tha , mere ghar pe na gizar hai na fridge me puri rat tension me soya nahi ratbhar bill mere nazar ke samne NAC raha tha, mera bill kamse kam 600 ya 650 tak aata hai, 10000 to me pay nahi kar saktata possible nahi tha, mere salaray 15000 hai, morning me sache man se merkba hat me lekar usko agarbatti dikhakar pray kiya ki es sankat se muze bahar nikalo aur me use jeb me lekar kam pe nikal gaya aur afternoon me mere daddy ka phone aaya ki mseb ne enquiry karke bill 9000 tak kam kiya

I want to share you my experience after practicing Merkaba healing. I was very disturb in my life from past few years.I believe in God strongly.bt mera condition ye tha ki I hv lost my mental peace completely. Fir bhi mera routine as it was chal raha tha. Mai kafi sare meditations bhi daily karti thi.bt vo muje temporarily relief dete the.

Doing regularly Merkaba healing practice from last 15days.nw I feel mentally stable whole day,more confident,calm,cool,happy,light.really it is very powerful process.I give it to my all family members.after giving I feel again very light.I feel my intuition power is increasing.my originality is cming back.I feel very secure with this power.thnx Kavitaji for giving this power,knowledge.u r very sweet,loving and caring human being isliye ye sab karna achha lagta hai.
Dr.Sarla Vora

My energy level has increased by leaps and bounds...Earlier after working for 12 to 13 hrs...I used to feel exhausted....now I m as fresh and energetic. I feel very very positive the whole day Thank u so much aunty...god bless u
Jahnvi Goradia

MDoing practice every morning.see lots of colour pink,red,yellow, golden in between my eyebrow.feel calm,relax,thoughtless mind immediately.anger to gayab hi ho gaya hai.positivity increased.
Sarla Vora

Yesterday my father was feeling uneasiness and week ness at night. First time I done distant healing to him. Today he is feeling better. He slept good. Thanks Mam
Vaishali Ranade

I felt very calm n happy after meditation , feel my conscious level has increased n anger too reduced. Feel lot of positivity in me now.

Hello mam One good experience I must share after Merkaba workshop on 23rd October.

From many months I wz planning to do one workshop of my interest as 4-5 clients were asking. And everytime I says like I wl do. I wl do no time etc.

But today total 10 members including my friends and clients confirm the venue place time etc for next month. And I confirmed it without delay

I wz still surprise on me how it happens?

And realize tht its all Merkaba 's blessing and healing through you like mother Goddess.

Thank u Mam and thank u Merkaba

On Sunday I done healing to my nephew as he had cold. After Meditation he felt that 70% cold cured.In the morning no cold at all.I have a msg that he is lacking confidence and financial worry. I verify with him. It's true.

Yesterday I done healing for my son, he is feeling energetic for full day. Today again I done healing for him. I feel much heat at his solar and swadhishthan Chakra. So what is the reason Mam ??

When I connect with Marakaba, I see pink and golden Marakaba in my heart.

Thanks Mam a lot
Vaishali Ranade

Did merkaba healing today

Cud see lord ganpati clearly seated between my eyebrows My head was paining a lot and within a few mins. ..the headache went away.

Cud also see maa showering haldi and kumkum upon me.
Vaishali Ranade

My son was not feeling well so he asked me to do healing for him. I gave him healing for 2 days for his health and wished success for him.Today my son came running and said mama you gave me healing .I booked 4 cars in 2 days otherwise I book 4 cars in a month. I was so so so happy. Thanks to Ganpati, Maa,Merkaba and Kavita mam.

Yesterday I wz very tired and my third eye chakra and crown chakra wz very Paining. Its Paining today too upto Evning. Evning I had done Merkaba healing on chakras and after tht I felt very normal and at piece

Thank You

I did merkaba workshop with Kavita madam on 18th sept 2016.This was the 1st batch which mam kept for her healers.

Before I joined the course,I had lots of pain in my body and after the cleansing I felt all the negativity from my body had gone and I was feeling perfectly alright.

The kundalini awakening which we did was amazing. We felt fresh and and energetic throughout the course.

My personal experience is from that day till today10/10/2016 I work from 5 am to 12 midnight but I don't get tired.I have diabetes,Bp,back problem,but after merkaba workshop it is a miracle.After everyday practice,I have 70% improvement in all respects. I never felt so fresh in my life. Today if I heal people I get very good results. I feel madam has given us a Paras Stone in the form of merkaba.

I am always positive now. Any situation my intuition has also increased.

I also got another experience during forgiveness exercise.I remembered one such case of my childhood where I had hurt a person and after forgiveness to that person I felt very very light.

I once again thank Kavita mam who has given me this Paras Stone to heal myself and do service to others.

I did merkaba workshop from Kavita mam on18th sept 2016.I just can't tell you how much I liked it.

I was in a fix where I should search for a home, I got to know the location.
Now more than a month has passed. My intuition power has increased. whoever I heal get immediate results. Today my state is I don't get angry on anyone. I feel they are right in their own way and I am right in my own way.I have literally become cool as ice.
I used to cry for every small thing,now no tears come from my eyes.I have become very calm in any situation. I was just thinking how I changed so much,it was then I realized it has happened after merkaba workshop. I am feeling very nice from inside.
Thank you Kavita mam. I am very very grateful to you.

I am Fatima

I did merkaba workshop with Kavita mam on 18th sept. 2016.At the time of attunement Durga Maa appeared and blessed me and she said these are the powers given by me.You can heal yourself and others also.I am with you, your problems will be solved.The pain I had in the body was healed in the class itself.
As of today, my intuition has increased tremendously.If a person is telling lies I can immediately make out.My state is- I am happy in all circumstances. Maybe unhappy or hurt for a few minutes but it vanishes very fast.I feel my life has changed.My healing also has become very powerful.And my soul is also full of Peace.
I am very very grateful to Kavita mam.

I did merkaba workshop with Kavita mam on 18th sept 2016. During attunement,I could see a golden light and I felt v.light and lots of vibrations. I felt Kavita mam standing in front of me,though she was in her own seat.

This was mam's first class but it was felt like she has lots of experience and she explained it with so much ease. While doing healing in the class itself for others their pain vanished. I felt happy to have this great tool.
Today also if I give healing,people get healed which makes me happy that I can use this tool for self and for the welfare of the people.
My mind is in a calm state.I don't feel stress for petty things.
Thank you mam for this wonderful workshop.
Dinesh Jain

I did Merkaba healing workshop from Kavita Ma'am on 18/9/16. Merkaba workshop experience is different from other healing workshop I did with her. It is so nice I just can't explain . From morning 8 o'clock I started from home & upto 6:30 pm I was fresh as if I just started . The pain I had vanished after kundalini awakening , the experience I got can't be expressed in words . I have been regularly practising after that, I'm getting instantly tremendous results , My state is also v.good I can feel high vibration in me, my intuition has also increased. Thank you Ma'am for such a beautiful course which is useful for self n mankind waiting to do the advance course.
Sarika Patil
I had a severe problem in the lungs and heart. My life was miserable, as I had continuous severe breathing problem and cough and phelgm.

Dr. said there was severe blockage in heart for which angiography was required to find out the percentage of blockage.

I asked Kavita to do healing for me. She did some shamanic journey healings for me.

I would like to illustrate here the life I was living before!

- Every morning I used to havesevere breathing problem and cough and phelgm. The breathing and the cough would not normalize before 4 hours.
- I would require 1 hour to normalize again after a bath that also by taking somebody's help for wearing clothes etc:
- Again walking a few steps or climbing a few stairs was a great task for me as my breathlessness and cough would never allow me to move.

Now my beautiful life after healing is as follows!

- Now, in the morning where I used to take 4 hours to start my day, I start off comfortably without breathlessness, cough and phelgm!
- Now, I dont need anybodys assistance for bath and I am ready in no time.
- Now, atleast I can climb to the top of the staircase and then wait; that is also basically because of weakness which I know I will gain strength in no time
- Now the best part is angio was done to check the percentage of blockage but VOW! THERE WERE NO BLOCKAGES!

I can say overall my health condition has improved 90 to 95%. I am only facing weakness which will go off in no time.

A great thanks to Kavita for an excellent job done by her.
Ishu Mumbai
(March 2015)
Hi! I am Geetu from Mumbai and I would like to share my experience with you.

I was admitted into hospital with pneumonia and a WBC count of 23000 on 7th feb 2015.. I was under medication, yet the next day the WBC count increased to 24000. I wrote to Kavita Israni. She did a healing journey and performed an extraction.Within the next 24 hours,the WBC count was reduced to 14000. The doctor was expecting it to lower, maximum upto 20000, but this was a huge jump for him to digest.Doctor was completely shocked with WBC count dropping to such an extent. I was discharged imediately, the next day.

My Dad's best friend doctor in Delhi whom we were consulting side by side told my Dad, "Aisa Kabhi Hua Nahi hai.Are the reports right?"

Thank you Kavitaji for being there at a delicate time of my life.What you have done for me is a miracle.

The doctor told me today that I don't look like a patient. A huge credit goes to you.

On 16th feb 2015, Kavitaji, the reports showed that the the patch of 4"x3" was reduced to 1". Another great achievement.
Last 3 yrs was suffering from negativity .My thought pattern too was negative making me feel unhealthy,Low in energy with poor confidence level. Have consulted many astrologers but was of no help.

One day got an SMS thru Kavita Ji about a workshop. Out of curiosity called her and fixed an appointment.Upon Understanding my problems she guaranteed of resolving it through a series of therapies.

Initially thru hypnotic sessions she removed the negativity, changed my way of thinking. With positive affirmations my confidence level too has aroused. Within 2 months I started feeling the change.I have achieved my short term goals within 3 months which were impossible even to think of around 6 months back.
I attended the relationship workshop in October. I had always thought that my relations with my parents were very good. But here i found that my relation with my mother were not good.After setting it right and receiving her blessings,I got a job in a multinational company.
Mr. Praveen,
After attending this relationship workshop i have realised how much my parents love me and I am also seeing positive changes happen.

Thanks to Satvakirani.
Ms. Sunita,
My name is Leena. I am in family business . I joined Kavitas angel workshop on 2nd Dec 2012. In the workshop, I was asked to close my eyes and pick up an angel. I picked up a pink colour angel. So Kavita asked me about my relationship with my Hubby . I casually told her that it is not going good. She told me you keep this angel, and your relationship with your husband will improve. Surprisingly it has improved a lot within two months. We are not arguing like before.

Another experience I got is also fantastic. She taught us how to clear our house of negative energies and bring in positivity. Every Sunday I remove the negativity at my place as Kavita showed us. My rooms are filled with positive energy .My husband can also feel the difference.

Now, after the angel communication course, I get regular messages and guidance from my angels. My life has become very comfortable. No tension at all. Thank you kavita YOU MADE MY LIFE MEANINGFUL
Vile Parle, 2nd Feb 2012
From nearly 1 year I was getting regular dreams of my mother-in-law who had died 23 yrs back. She was telling me to get my son married fast & come to her. I was actually living in fear. It was ingrained in my mind that I have to get my son married fast & go up as she was continuously pestering me. I happened to speak to Kavita about this and she asked me to do angel workshop where I can speak to my guardian angel and also to my ancestor, my mother-in-law.

So I did the angel workshop with Kavita on 10th/11th Dec.2011 and there I came to know that she had a block against me when she died 8 months after my marriage, by which she was separated from her son. So she wanted to pick me up 8 months after my sons marriage to separate me from my son.

In the workshop I asked forgiveness and blessed her soul to rest in peace. She forgave me and blessed me and my family and her soul rested in peace.

It so happened that thereafter, in the workshop itself, she came to me as my guardian angel. She guided me to ask my husband to change his office place .

At first we did not pay heed, but it so happened, that after the workshop, she was always with me, helping me, and my family in all matters.

My husband who was stuck from last 2 yrs getting only small orders, within 8 days of the workshop suddenly started getting big orders. So he decided to change the office place as guided by her. Vow! within a month he got a very big order and hes being getting it ever since then.

This is how my guardian angel helps me .I am blessed, as I get guidance for everything in my life now. My great thanks to my angels, guardian angels and Kavita.
Mrs. Jagiasi
After doing an angel workshop from Kavita on 10th/11th Dec.2011 it so happened, that after 15-20 days in the night at 3 am, an angel called me and said Get up. You need energy , I will give you. Whenever you need energy, call me ,I will be there. Immediately I got up and took an angel card and it was Archangel Raphael, who helps in healing. I was very happy and from that time onwards , I call upon Archangel Raphael, whenever I feel low in energy or require healing for self or others; and I get very good results.
Kiran D
Tarot card Reader
After doing an angel workshop from Kavita on 10th/11th Dec.2011 it so happened, that after 15-20 days in the night at 3 am, an angel called me and said Get up. You need energy , I will give you. Whenever you need energy, call me ,I will be there. Immediately I got up and took an angel card and it was Archangel Raphael, who helps in healing. I was very happy and from that time onwards , I call upon Archangel Raphael, whenever I feel low in energy or require healing for self or others; and I get very good results.
Kiran D
Tarot card Reader
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