• Merkaba (First Time In India)
  • You the Achiever- Be the Change
  • Heripatt healing
  • Entity removal
  • Sound healing
  • Business healing
  • Shamanism
  • Channeling/Mediumship
  • Bachflowers
  • Angel Communication
  • Past Life Regression
  • Power of Sub Conscious Mind
  • Reiki
  • Tarot
  • Chakra Diagnosis & Balancing
  • 12 Chakra Activation
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychic Self Defence
  • Attracting Wealth / Manifestation
  • Pendulum Dowsing


What is Merkaba?
Merkaba is the Divine vehicle of light which carried the ascended masters to the higher realms.
It is actually symbolic of a great energy field surrounding our body beyond our auric field.
This energy field our Merkaba, our light body, can go up to 55 feet across in saucer shape when it is fully energized.
It is made of two pyramids one points down and other points up.
It is a most accurate representations humanity has of Divine energy
Shree Yantra and Merkaba are same.
The Merkaba is our spiritual vessel which the ancients called it the chariot which raises us to higher consciousness.
The Merkaba means the Light Spirit Body. This is what electromagnetically links us from all dimensions (from all aspects) to the oneness of the cosmos
The sacred geometry of our Merkaba is the star tetrahedron. This is where we achieve astral travel
, out of body experiences, getting tapped into the unified field of consciousness, etc.
Humanity is slowly shifting from chakra-based focus to geometries and sacred codes.
It is a Divine tool for healing

I have not heard of Merkaba before, can you explain?
Till quite a few years back, a layman did not know of chakras, aura, etc and we thought our body is all we have, as times evolved, this got revealed to us. Similarly, 2018 marks the beginning of this Divine tool- Merkaba, more and more people shall start knowing and would begin healing with this.
Let me share a channeled message here in short from a master-
‘Humanity is slowly shifting from chakra-based focus to geometries and sacred codes. In the new reality which is unfolding now, and which will become more apparent in 2018, understanding these new paradigms can be helpful in tapping into the new energies. These energies are encoded in the sacred geometry, which exists in the human body.
One of the most important sacred geometry that exists in the human body is the tetrahedron’.
The tetrahedron is Merkaba.

What is in the Merkaba workshop?*
It is where you learn how to use this Divine tool for your needs, desires, solving life issues, etc: It is here that I activate your Merkaba which is lying dormant inside you. Only when it is activated can it perform its function.

How is it useful to me?
Merkaba  can break the long long-suffering of years
Merkaba helps you in learning life lessons faster thereby clearing karma faster.
Merkaba is a high protection energy field and gives you protection from all dark energies.
Merkaba helps you in learning life lessons faster.
Merkaba brings a change in belief system
Merkaba helps in reducing Karma
Merkaba Increases intuition
Merkaba brings in positivity and stabilizes it.
Merkaba  heals our body on physical, mental and spiritual level
Merkaba clears blockages in chakras and activates chakras.
Merkaba reduces Anger  
Merkaba brings in confidence, peace, happiness and much much more.
You have potential for limitless creation

Have I heard you are the only one teaching Merkaba in India? Where have you learned this from?*
Yes, at least I have not come across anyone so far who teaches Merkaba healing although a few use them as a tool. In fact, this was gifted to me by Divine Maa Durga and was told that this Merkaba healing will transform lives.

Is it different from other healing modalities?*
Yes. It works on all health, wealth, relationship and emotional states.
70% of karma is released.
A positive mindset is created and the positivity is stabilized
Long long-suffering of years is reduced.
Brings a change in belief system
High powered protection

Can I heal others after doing this workshop?*
Yes, very much. You become one of the very few Merkaba healers and can heal people in person, from a distance (even if a person is abroad), you can heal many many people at a time. You can heal them for health, wealth, relationships, anything and everything. You get an all in one powerful healing  tool for healing self and others



  • What is Merkaba?
  •  Functions and its benefits
  •  Cleansing for activation
  •  Why merkaba activation is necessary.
  •  Activating Merkaba with language of light
  •  How is it different from other healing modalities
  • Programming the merkaba
  • Merkaba healing, in person, distance and group
  •  Creating awareness consciously and internally
  • Changing belief systems
  • Activating Wealth DNA with Language of light
  • Waiver and Release of Karma
  • Releasing soul contracts
  •  Awakening Kundalini
  • Healing the shadow with sound chants
  •  Healing Inner child
  •  Healing unfulfilled desires
  •  House Healing
  •  Merkaba world and manifestion
  • Journey to ascension.
  • Use of products.

*(Also Merkaba opens doorway to Heripatt  workshop)
Duration: 1 day.

1) Merkaba Miracle coaster
2) Merkaba pendant
3) Merkaba cloth spread
4) Crystal merkaba
5) Candles & crystal
6) Charts
7) Certificate

I read in the contents about unfulfilled desires, whats this, not heard of it?*
An extremely important aspect is unfulfilled desires which are deeply rooted in the heart. It may have been compromised at an external level but deep inside is still there. And we all have thousands and thousands of it in us. In fact, we also carry unfulfilled desires from our past lives. So you can imagine how much we are carrying. One more fact to note and understand is that by the law of attraction  – unfulfilled desires attract more unfulfilled desires. So you can understand how much deep a little unknown thing can go in the internal world. So, the Merkaba can help us heal these too.

What does this mean?
“Merkaba opens doorway to Heripatt  workshop”

This means you become eligible to attend the heripatt workshop (after 21 days of practice) which is for healing the karma/ patterns of 7 generations and freeing yourself. For more on heripatt, visit
Heripatt healing is a must for ascension.

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