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Life coach

Life is easy, the basic essence of life is to be happy, to enjoy, in other words, to live. Happiness is a state in which we are all born, meaning when we are born we are tuned to this state of happiness. But as we grow up we tend to drift away and enter the sufferings zone. Life then starts becoming difficult and challenging and all our aspirations, goals, etc- vanish into thin air.

Life becomes tough and that gets evident from the kind of events happening in our lives.

In these challenging times, everyone is caught up in bad relationships, financial crunches, debts, undetectable health issues, emotional dramas, etc to say the least. A life coach is one who can help you to tune to the laws of the universe and help you to lead a happy and purposeful life. 

Let’s understand a few hard facts –

Do you know whatever you have left midway, you will have to complete it, otherwise it will keep on troubling you?        

Do you know we have 12 life lessons to learn in this lifetime?

Do you know we are pattern beings, we keep repeating negative patterns of life always?

Do you know we carry thousands of unfulfilled desires, which according to the law of attraction, keep attracting more?

Do you know your life story is just about you, the other people you interact with, you live with, you deal with are an extension of you?

Do you know we always attract similar people and circumstances?

Do you know many a time we keep on facing the same issues, in spite of finishing the karmic time period?

Do you know we are still carrying the charge of the incidents which happened in this life and even previous lifetimes?

Do you know your relations with your parents determines the success in your life in a major way?

Do you know you attract similar people always?

Do you know even a simple knee pain also carries so many lessons and connections?

Do you know what you don’t like the other person is actually you?

Do you know all your unfinished tasks/challenges/difficulties/ life lessons/ karmic imbalances are carried forward to your future lives and your children?

There are so many things connected, which we are unaware of and we keep on focusing on externally visible effects. Unless causes are tackled, results will not change.
In these times, we do not need just sweet words, affirmations or just some false hopes, but an actual transformation in our lives.
It’s here that I, Veejay Israani, a Transformational spiritual life coach can be of great help.

What is a Life Coach?
Just as tutors are required in schools, in sports, in training for beauty pageants, so also tutors are required in life for tutoring us to live life fully. We may have tried many things and failed or may have succeeded to an extent, but still need to rise further up and high, it is here that a life coach will help make your life beautiful, to help you enjoy life and learn. Life is easy, you just have to learn to live it. This is where I can help you.

You may know your way and may even start, but how many times are you successful in achieving it without leaving it midway. It’s here that a life coach is useful as you are answerable to him and he, in turn, is answerable to you. This is how it is worked, as a team.

Just like parents are responsible for bringing up a child, teachers for imparting education, a life coach is responsible for the upliftment of your life.

Letting out the emotional baggage is a huge task, but this is eased out by techniques offered by the life coach as he been there and done that.

A truly successful person is the one who is successful in all aspects of life and it is here that a life coach helps to make you a true achiever. Tough lessons of life are made easy through a life coach.

A life coach benefits not only you but by default the whole family when you change the whole family changes as your family is nothing but your reflection.

Why me?
The first and foremost advantage I carry is of failure. As experts say you fail your way to success, I have failed for 25 long years and am now on the path to achievement. It’s like Been there Done that. I have seen it all. I have been exposed to so many teachings, I have dug deep into myself and extracted the unwanted negative elements out of existence.

I may not be a famous personality today, but let me tell you that every word of coaching is from my own experience, I have lived it. I have learned to come out of my sufferings by going deep inside me and finding out myself. The only one who wears the crown knows the thorns of it. Every moment of life is an experience and learning for me and that is what I want to pass on to you, my dear friends.

Life is rosy but we have put thorns in it. I will show you how to remove these thorns and enjoy life with joy, happiness, and success, as I feel that’s the true essence of life. Let’s walk together on this beautiful journey, after all its just one life we have, let’s live it with success.

To register for coaching sessions, get in touch with Veejay Israani directly on 9820852660

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