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  • Control
  • Depression
  • Allergies


House clearing is clearing any space, home, house, factory of negative energies. Negative energies in a place are accumulated in several ways-one is the negativity created by the home people by way of quarrels, anger, talking negative always, other is the negative vibes of neighbours, relatives ,friends, of jealousy, evil eye etc: Other type is, even a well wisher of yours if unknowingly appreciates your house or business, without any bad intention, it is called an evil eye.

These negative vibes get attached to the walls of the house and does not allow a person to progress or live in harmony.

Still worse is if entities are attached to the house, office or factory. They will not allow you to prosper at all. There will be quarrels, health issues and what not. Most sad thing is people are not aware that there are entities in their house. There can be not one entity but several entities in the house.There are several reasons for entities to reside in the house, which we may not be aware. The problem is even if you want to shift from there it will be difficult because they will not allow you to sell the house.There are some entities who do not harm, but still they will not allow you to sell the house.

  • So we do the clearing of the house, office, factory from a distance, without even visiting your place.
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