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Entities in simple terms are nothing but souls who have not crossed over to their plane of existence post death. These souls keep hovering around the earth plane and are on the lookout for people or places for their existence. They cling on as they need external energies for their survival. They get habituated to stay in the middle zone and forget everything about the astral realm and their journey back home. This is also due to the fact that they have lost hope and feel there are very few who can help them return back. Lot of people carry entities in them for years together without even knowing or realizing. Many homes today are infected by entities. Its always better to check for entities before you undertake any healing modality. Lots of people and places are being affected by entities today and this number is increasing multifold, even while you read this. Generally earthbound / entity work is dangerous business as they might turn aggressive and attack the helper / remover and later cause more trouble to the person in whom they reside. This is a sensitive issue and is to be handled with utmost care and has to be done by a thorough professional.

Some symptoms of entities
Regular perspiration
Bad dreams/ nightmares
Unknown Fear
Uncontrollable anger
Eating disorder
Suicidal thoughts
Sudden pains in joints
Sudden addictions
Self hate

Entity Removal
This has to be done always with care and protection because we don’t know the entities we are dealing with. On one side there are good entities who would be more than happy to be relieved and helped in their spiritual journey but on the other side can be dark ones, they are aggressive and can try to cause harm to the remover. Entity removal is always a specialists job. The entities removed are sent to their place of existence in the astral world, so the same one coming back to haunt you back or anyone else does not exist.
Please note if you find an irrational behavior change in you or your loved ones or you are struggling to sell or rent out your house kindly book an appointment with us at the earliest for our counseling session
to troubleshoot for entities.

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