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Are you suffering from serious health ailments?
Are you struggling with money?
Have you tried your best but are not able to come out of your sufferings?
Have you tried out many healings but still are unable to find the solution?
Do you feel enough is enough, some Divine intervention has to come else I am done?

Then read on…
If you have reached here its not by chance. Its a place where you reach only if you are destined to.
Ancestral healing / Heripatt healing is a major breakthrough in the healing domain. It’s something everyone has been waiting for a long long time. 

What are Ancestral patterns / Heripatts?
Heripatt in simple terms is nothing but the default, compulsive, repetitive, negative hereditary patterns we carry in us from the time of our birth. We all know that we inherit so many things from our parents and ancestors, everything from genetic looks to money to the property to habits to mannerisms to skills to qualities possessed. Do you think that’s all?  No friends.

We carry in us, the traumas, tragedies, diseases, pain, grief, beliefs, emotions and other such negative vices also of our ancestors. The family history of suicide and family history of mental disorder are two risk factors that even the National Institute of Mental Health lists. That’s why we see patterns of abuse, incest, addiction, ill health, poverty, struggle and many other traits passed down through generations. Our ancestors unfinished business and unresolved issues are passed down to us energetically and keep affecting us, till not released.

Haven’t we heard’ You are just like your father or your grandfather’ or ‘You get angry the same way like your grandmother’ etc.  Just by a little awareness and contemplation, you can easily find out the patterns in your life and family. 

In fact, we are not Sudha or Ramesh or whatever people call us, internally we are a combination of Heripatts. For example, I am not Veejay, its only my name, but deep within I was a combination bundle of fear of approach, anger, non-achievement, scarcity, negative beliefs, limited money consciousness, struggle etc, until I healed by Heripatt healing. Everyone is a different combination similar to mine, the ingredients might differ, but the end result is the same. i .e  sufferings.

Examples through history
The recent reported suicide of her son, marine biologist Nicholas Hughes, brings to light a known psychiatric phenomenon, the heredity of suicidal behavior.

A first-degree relative — a parent, sibling or child — of a person who has committed suicide is four to six times more likely to attempt or complete a suicide, said Dr. David Brent, psychiatrist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

A well-known case is the novelist Ernest Hemingway’s family, in which five members over four generations died from completed suicides. Epidemiological studies, based on clinical patients or community samples, have consistently demonstrated a significantly higher risk for suicidal behavior among family members of suicide victims and attempters .

The poet John Berryman jumped off a Minneapolis bridge in 1972; his father had committed suicide when the poet was a child. More recently, the playwright Spalding Gray apparently killed himself in 2004; his mother had taken her own life many years earlier

Common Ancestral patterns / Heripatts
The 5 main verticals running our life are health, wealth, relationships, mental states & spirituality.
HEALTH:- The common Pitru patterns/ Heripatts are diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, heart attacks, etc. 
WEALTH:-The issues are a struggle, failure, non-achievement, property issues, not getting enough money/scarcity , unsuccessful in business, court cases, etc.  
RELATIONSHIPS:- The common Pitru patterns / Heripatts are divorce, break up, no marriage, no child, miscarriages, pre mature babies, birth disabilities, special children, etc. 
MENTAL STATES:- The common issues are anger, violence, fear, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies,  etc
SPIRITUALITY:- Unable to forgive, no gratitude, rigid views, unable to change, etc

These are the most common wherein you can connect very easily, everyone will have hundreds of  Heripatts running in their lives that it would take an enormous amount of contemplation to know of it fully. Do you know we can inherit professions also from our ancestors? Haven’t you seen a Doctors son become a doctor, a traders son become a trader? So many of us inherit professions from our lineage and just because our own soul plan or life plan is something else, it creates scarcity/lack, unhappiness in our lives.
Are you aware that we inherit dark energies also from our forefathers? I have come across so many cases that wherein they have cleared off dark energies but they come back due to heripatts. I, for one, carried heripatts of dark energies and so many times we got it removed it came back until we discovered it was heripatts and healed and cleared it completely.

When you encounter any issues, it would be sensible to check immediately whether they are coming from your parents or any of your ancestors. If yes, then definitely these are your heripatts.

To keep it simple and specific, you and your children are strong candidates to all negative patterns of illnesses, accidents, money issues, emotional traumas, failed relationships, etc which have happened in your family with either your mother or father, grandfather or grandmother, uncle or aunt.
Our life is programmed to these Heripatts, come what may its very very difficult to break even a single of this pattern. No amount of healings, spiritual or rational methods can work fully to remove Heripatts from our lives, simply because its roots are not there in us, they just flow in us from our passed away home folks or forefathers and would continue to do so to our descendants, our poor little innocent children.
We always carry heripatts from our 7 generations.
These are all debts on us, will continue to torment us and pass on automatically to our children, if not healed now.
For spiritual seekers, heripatt healing is a must, if you wish to attain enlightenment/ ascension. Unless and until all our patterns are healed, its not possible to attain enlightenment/ ascension.

Patterns create boundaries/ limitations
There are so many such patterns running through us and our descendants and these patterns ultimately create limitations in our lives. If for eg:- a person’s ancestors reached a mid-level of financial freedom, the descendant in all probability will not be able to cross the limit and come out of it. Hence if you see, mostly middle-class families remain so through generations, rich become rich and poor remain poor. That’s the cycle of these patterns. A person would be able to grow that much that his ancestors have grown.

Difference between Heripatts & Pitru dosha
Heripatts are by default embedded negative patterns in us which flow from our ancestors into us and later on to our descendants. The ancestors can recognize these patterns but are unable to remove them or control their flow, its something which they cannot help with and get deeply pained by seeing these flow into us, but it is very little they can do about it, except creating awareness in your mind and guiding you towards the solution. Pitru dosha is on the contrary, negativity, and harm caused by them to us on purpose. This is done so that we take note that they are not happy with something and resolve it. Although Pitru doshas can be cleared through some other means like rituals, etc, heripatts can get healed by heripatt healing. Pitru dosha can get removed by participating in our celebration day, too.

Difference between Heripatt healing & Ancestral healing
Heripatt is about releasing ALL ancestral/hereditary patterns in one go.
Ancestral healing is working separately on each pattern to release it.

Heripatt healing does not depend on identifying, even if you don’t know a single pattern you can heal all the patterns.
Ancestral healing is identifying each pattern and working on it to remove it.

Heripatt healing covers Pitru dosha clearance if any by default.
Ancestral healing does not cover Pitru dosha correction.

Heripatt healing cannot miss any pattern.
Ancestral healing can miss patterns as they have to be recognized by you first, in these cases there can be a family pattern which does not exist in you but is there in your children, how can you heal those.
Also, there can be family patterns non-existent in you at this age but can get dominant at a certain time in future, how do you recognize them now and remove them.

Heripatt healing can be done in a conscious state.
Ancestral healing has to be done in a meditative state.

Heripatt healing contract can be given. i.e it can be done by us for anyone else.
No such information available for Ancestral Healing.

All in all, it can be said that Ancestral healing is a part of Heripatt healing.

Heripatt healing is a fully channeled, monitored and verifiable healing modality which we have been waiting for a long time.
Intent and take responsibility- a major breakthrough is waiting for you…


Past creates future
Today we visualize a beautiful future and everything we desire. But hands on your heart has it ever happened and if not, have you wondered why. It’s not what is said is wrong, its just that we miss a simple most important point, that there is no new future, the future is always a repetition of our past. Whatever our ancestors have experienced, we will keep on experiencing and our children and our children will also unless someone takes responsibility, breaks and heals all those patterns. Healing the past can only create a new future, otherwise, the future is fixed and whatever we do is just for psychological benefits.

Don’t we do the same in past life regression, where we see and heal our past lives and create a new future? The past is not dead, its still living and will continue to do so and create a future equivalent to it, unless we choose to reach and heal it.

About Heripatt healing
Heripatt healing can be done in three simple ways
1) Workshop – 1-day workshop, happens once in 3 months, practice for 10 minutes for around 2 months after the workshop and done. Eligibility criteria is Merkaba workshop
2) Contract – We do on your behalf in absenteeism, takes around 2 months.
3) 7 Celebration days – Attend the celebration day for 7 months and release 1 generation per month.

***The most important point to note here is the person attending or giving the contract for Heripatt should not be affected by dark energies ( black magic, entities, pitru dosha and earthbound parents) as this is a very deep level soul healing. Hence we always do a core cause analysis and find out, if he/ she is affected by such energies they can get it removed from our center on the celebration day or anywhere else and after complete removal of those dark energies, they can attend the Heripatt workshop. OR

The person can attend our Merkaba workshop and after 21 days of practice gets eligible for the Heripatt workshop. 

Beneficiaries– This healing effects and benefits the past 7 generations in our lineage and also our descendants. i.e our children.

Everyone reading this will get attracted to this workshop, but only people are ready will reach this workshop as it’s an ancestral and a Divine calling. A strong intent is a key.

So the question you need to ask yourself is do you choose to move forward and release with you, the traumas, tragedies, diseases, pains, griefs, beliefs, emotions and other such negative patterns of your entire lineage. They have been waiting for this for ages.
As is said, the choice is yours, only yours. Today the fate/destiny of more than 100 souls of your forefather rest on your decision.

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