• Merkaba Healing
  • Heripatt healing
  • Entity Removal
  • House Clearing
  • Curses/ Oaths/ Vows
  • Earthbound Soul release
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Inner Child Therapy
  • Reiki Healing
  • Theta Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Shamanic Healing / Journeys
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Chakra Healing
  • Relationship Healing
  • Angel Card Reading
  • Tarot Card reading
  • Bachflower Card reading
  • Radical Healing
  • Chakra Healing
  • Relationship Healing
  • EET Healing
  • Rituals / Spells
  • Anxiety / Stress
  • Fears / Phobias
  • De-addiction / Habit
  • Control
  • Depression
  • Allergies


Satvakirani is a decade old company based in Mulund, Mumbai and catering to people all over the globe for alternative healings, counselings, therapies, workshops, products and solutions. Our main Usp is not just detecting issues from the root, its also providing solutions for each and everything.

How it works?
All works in two simple steps, first identifying the cause through counselings and the second, relevant healing for the cause detected as healings are always specific to issues. No generic healing will work for all issues.
Everything starts with counseling to understand the problem and reach the cause of the issue being faced currently. Once the issue is identified through any of the two below mentioned methods, we provide solutions in the form of healings or therapies or products or small useful tips.

Why Satvakirani?
Satvakirani is a one stop solution which not only provides counselings, healings and therapies, but also helps in empowering you through its workshops. Moreover the effective product range of Bachflowers, Crystals, Herbs, Oils, Grids, etc act as super catalysts to aid the healings.
Satvakirani is one of the very few across the globe who work on a vast range of healings covering all four aspects (CSUE) to heal. i.e  Conscious, Sub conscious, Un-conscious and External.

Welcome to our exclusive unique counseling sessions. We have two types of counselings.
First is the standard one which is for domestic issues which are not very serious.
The second one is for the more serious issues and in this we identify the core causes the person is facing currently.
Just as you get a full body check up for your physical ailments, same way we do a full check of the core cause of your prevalent life situations.There are certain dreaded dark energies which are instrumental in causing deep rooted issues in your health, wealth and relationship worlds.Till the time core cause of these issues are not found, healing is not possible and the affected person will keep on beating around the bushes.The solution lies in detecting and treating these, as healing is always specific and not generic.The core cause identifies whether a person is suffering from the serious conditions like Pitru dosha, Entities, Black magic, level of possessions, house possession, ancestral issues / heripatts. These are purely channeled and the findings are shared in 2-3 days and is always recommended in serious issues, chronic problems, unresolved challenges, difficult life situations, etc

This is the most unique feature of our work. Healing such hardcore issues is our motto.
Counselings are strictly by appointment and can be done in person, on phone or on skype. A session can last for anything between 30 to 45 minutes. Solution options are provided on troubleshooting immediately.
Also do join our Free group on WhatsApp for all our updates,blogs and information on free and paid workshops.
Satvakirani is run by Kavita Israni and Veejay Israani. Click here for profiles…


  • Release day 11th August 2018
  • Prarambh- Light language healing program 12th August 2018
  • Bachflower workshop on whatsapp 13th to 23rd August 2018
  • Merkaba Workshop 18th & 19th August  2018


There are quite a few things that affect our lives and create challenging life situations/ problems or issues in our worlds. But there are a select few which are really serious and can affect our health, wealth, relations and emotional states, too. 
Amavasya / No moon day is extremely important for the release of such type of dark energies and doshas. So we have a celebration day at Satvakirani to release and remove these dark energies.


Kavita Panot

A great thanks to Kavita mam as today my long cherished desire of conceiving has been fulfilled. Thanks to Kavita mam who supported me in my critical time. I was not in state to think properly.I was having lots of problem filled with frustration and anger...

Ishu Mumbai

I had a severe problem in the lungs and heart. My life was miserable, as I had continuous severe breathing problem and cough and phelgm. Dr. said there was severe blockage in heart for which angiography was required to find out the percentage of blockage. I asked Kavita to do healing for me. She did some shamanic journey healings for me. I would like to illustrate here the life I was living before! - Every morning I used to havesevere breathing problem and cough and phelgm. The breathing and the cough would not normalize before 4 hours. - I would require 1 hour to normalize again after a bath that also by taking somebody's help for wearing clothes etc: - Again walking a few steps or climbing a few stairs was a great task for me as my breathlessness and cough would never allow me to move. Now my beautiful life after healing is as follows! - Now, in the morning where I used to take 4 hours to start my day, I start off comfortably without breathlessness, cough and phelgm! - Now, I dont need anybodys assistance for bath and I am ready in no time. - Now, atleast I can climb to the top of the staircase and then wait; that is also basically because of weakness which I know I will gain strength in no time - Now the best part is angio was done to check the percentage of blockage but VOW! THERE WERE NO BLOCKAGES! I can say overall my health condition has improved 90 to 95%. I am only facing weakness which will go off in no time. A great thanks to Kavita for an excellent job done by her.


Maine kal merkaba workshop attend kiya tha, aaj hi muje eska result mila me aapse share karna chahta hu, kal jaise me ghar par aaya to mere parents aur meri wife tension me the Maine uska reason pucha to sabne mere samne light bill aage kiya to bill dekhar mai hairan hua bill 10000 aaya tha , mere ghar pe na gizar hai na fridge me puri rat tension me soya nahi ratbhar bill mere nazar ke samne NAC raha tha, mera bill kamse kam 600 ya 650 tak aata hai, 10000 to me pay nahi kar saktata possible nahi tha, mere salaray 15000 hai, morning me sache man se merkba hat me lekar usko agarbatti dikhakar pray kiya ki es sankat se muze bahar nikalo aur me use jeb me lekar kam pe nikal gaya aur afternoon me mere daddy ka phone aaya ki mseb ne enquiry karke bill 9000 tak kam kiya.


Hi! I am Geetu from Mumbai and I would like to share my experience with you. I was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia and a WBC count of 23000 on 7th feb 2015.. I was under medication, yet the next day the WBC count increased to 24000. I wrote to Kavita Israni. She did a healing journey and performed an extraction.Within the next 24 hours,the WBC count was reduced to 14000. The doctor was expecting it to lower, maximum upto 20000, but this was a huge jump for him to digest.Doctor was completely shocked with WBC count dropping to such an extent. I was discharged imediately, the next day. My Dad's best friend doctor in Delhi whom we were consulting side by side told my Dad, "Aisa Kabhi Hua Nahi hai.Are the reports right?" Thank you Kavitaji for being there at a delicate time of my life.What you have done for me is a miracle. The doctor told me today that I don't look like a patient. A huge credit goes to you. On 16th feb 2015, Kavitaji, the reports showed that the the patch of 4"x3" was reduced to 1". Another great achievement.

Naresh Puli

Today we r just survived with small incidents/accidents after merkaba healing Thanx to mam & merkaba My wife was just got fire on her dress in kitchen. I was narrow escaped from road accident during my travel to my office. Now both r in safe hands.


I am Meetha B.Chitaliaa, I would like to share my experience on Merkaba workshop I attended merkaba workshop on23rdoct 2016 with Kavita mam From the time I have done Merkaba there have been lots of changes in my life. My relations have improved dramatically with my husband, my child with my students and all others My intuition has increased doublefold. Previously ,when I did Tarot readings or other readings I took help from crystals & other catalysts. Now through my intuition I do all readings so I finish the reading in one hour instead of two hours. My students have increased. I am getting new business everyday.My financial flow has increased My awareness in all small things is increased. My energy level has increased. My confident level has increased tremendously. My mind is cool, calm & balanced. Even people are accepting my old currency. I have felt the tremendous change in my self, like ignoring all trivial things. I have not used my merkaba for healing others & I have seen it getting brighter with rainbow colors & slowly slowly each tip of the merkaba is becoming bright & rainbow colored. Thank you Mam for this wonderful workshop & I feel blessed.

Mrs. Jagiasi

From nearly 1 year I was getting regular dreams of my mother-in-law who had died 23 yrs back. She was telling me to get my son married fast & come to her. I was actually living in fear. It was ingrained in my mind that I have to get my son married fast & go up as she was continuously pestering me. I happened to speak to Kavita about this and she asked me to do angel workshop where I can speak to my guardian angel and also to my ancestor, my mother-in-law. So I did the angel workshop with Kavita on 10th/11th Dec.2011 and there I came to know that she had a block against me when she died 8 months after my marriage, by which she was separated from her son. So she wanted to pick me up 8 months after my sons marriage to separate me from my son. In the workshop I asked forgiveness and blessed her soul to rest in peace. She forgave me and blessed me and my family and her soul rested in peace. It so happened that thereafter, in the workshop itself, she came to me as my guardian angel. She guided me to ask my husband to change his office place . At first we did not pay heed, but it so happened, that after the workshop, she was always with me, helping me, and my family in all matters. My husband who was stuck from last 2 yrs getting only small orders, within 8 days of the workshop suddenly started getting big orders. So he decided to change the office place as guided by her. Vow! within a month he got a very big order and hes being getting it ever since then. This is how my guardian angel helps me .I am blessed, as I get guidance for everything in my life now. My great thanks to my angels, guardian angels and Kavita.


Hello mam One good experience I must share after Merkaba workshop on 23rd October. From many months I wz planning to do one workshop of my interest as 4-5 clients were asking. And everytime I says like I wl do. I wl do no time etc. But today total 10 members including my friends and clients confirm the venue place time etc for next month. And I confirmed it without delay I wz still surprise on me how it happens? And realize tht its all Merkaba 's blessing and healing through you like mother Goddess. Thank u Mam and thank u Merkaba


I did merkaba workshop from Kavita mam on18th sept 2016.I just can't tell you how much I liked it.

I was in a fix where I should search for a home, I got to know the location.
Now more than a month has passed. My intuition power has increased. whoever I heal get immediate results. Today my state is I don't get angry on anyone. I feel they are right in their own way and I am right in my own way.I have literally become cool as ice.
I used to cry for every small thing,now no tears come from my eyes.I have become very calm in any situation. I was just thinking how I changed so much,it was then I realized it has happened after merkaba workshop. I am feeling very nice from inside.
Thank you Kavita mam. I am very very grateful to you.

Sarika Patil

I did Merkaba healing workshop from Kavita Ma'am on 18/9/16. Merkaba workshop experience is different from other healing workshop I did with her. It is so nice I just can't explain . From morning 8 o'clock I started from home & upto 6:30 pm I was fresh as if I just started . The pain I had vanished after kundalini awakening , the experience I got can't be expressed in words . I have been regularly practising after that, I'm getting instantly tremendous results , My state is also v.good I can feel high vibration in me, my intuition has also increased. Thank you Ma'am for such a beautiful course which is useful for self n mankind waiting to do the advance course.
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